Hensall Co-op, a Canadian farmer-owned, fully independent agricultural cooperative renowned for its commitment to innovation, proudly announces the strategic acquisition of Gentec Inc., a dry bean seed and research enterprise located in Idaho, USA. This strategic move underscores Hensall Co-op’s dedication to expanding its value-added product portfolio while diversifying its growing areas, solidifying its members and customers access to premium, high quality seed offerings.


For the past four decades, Gentec Inc., under the steadfast stewardship of the Butcher family, has exemplified a commitment to providing top-tier dry bean seed products and fostering ground-breaking varietal developments. A cornerstone of their mission has been cultivating enduring relationships with growers and seed clients, coupled with a pledge to deliver the highest quality seed with unmatched service. Tracey Butcher, reflecting on this transformative transition, remarked, "We firmly believe this transition will greatly benefit our existing growers and customers, offering them an even broader spectrum of seed selections."


The integration of Gentec Inc. fortifies a strategic alignment between two leaders in the dry bean agricultural sector, both driven by a shared vision of agricultural excellence. Hensall Co-op has a long-standing reputation for creating value for its members through its value-added food contracts, diversified agricultural products and services, which complements Gentec Inc.'s sterling reputation for producing top-quality dry bean seeds.


Brad Chandler, CEO of Hensall Co-op, commented, "This strategic acquisition solidifies Hensall Co-op's position as the trusted partner for both our farm members and global end-use customers involved in the dry bean industry. The addition of Gentec Inc.’s business to our portfolio enhances our ability to meet the evolving traceability, disease free and seed purity required in today’s value-added dry bean supply chain.”


Jim Barclay, General Manager of Crop Services at Hensall Co-op, added, "With this acquisition, Hensall Co-op remains steadfast in its commitment to provide farmers with best-in-class seed products and services. We eagerly anticipate continuing our support for the success of our members, customers, and the broader agricultural community."


The acquisition is poised to generate synergies that will mutually benefit both Gentec Inc. and Hensall Co-op's valued growers and clients. Gentec Inc. growers and customers can anticipate a seamless transition and gain access to an expanded spectrum of agricultural solutions. Meanwhile, Hensall Co-op's growers and customers will enjoy an even wider selection of the highest quality, premium-grade dry bean seeds.


Hensall Co-op remains firmly anchored in its core values of innovation, integrity, and collaboration. The acquisition of Gentec Inc’s. business underscores Hensall Co-op's enduring commitment to these principles and to the continued prosperity of its long-term partnerships with its members, farm businesses, and end-use customers.


For more comprehensive information regarding Hensall Co-op and the acquisition of Gentec Inc., please visit our website at www.hensallco-op.ca or contact us at 519-262-3511 ext. 320.


About Hensall Co-op:
Founded in 1937, Hensall Co-op stands as the 8th largest non-financial cooperative in Canada, with over 6,000 member-owners operating across 30 locations in Ontario and Manitoba. Serving end-use customers in more than 45 countries, Hensall Co-op excels in Food Products (Dry Beans and Food Grade Soybeans), Crop Services, Grain and Ingredient Marketing, Energy (Fuel and Propane), Animal Nutrition, Member Investments and Global Freight Forwarding and Logistics.

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