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We provide animal nutrition solutions to help producers navigate the complexities of growing animals in an ever-changing marketplace. With in-house nutrition expertise, knowledgeable and passionate service personnel, a clear focus on biosecurity and food safety, and access to innovative products and solutions our feeding programs are designed with a focus on profitability for the farm.


We are focused on providing innovative and valuable service solutions. With access to our grain marketing team, we can help you align your grain marketing with our feed program. Our team is passionate about husbandry and provides critical in-barn support and vaccination services. 


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Bottom line results

We recognize the importance of the producers’ bottom line and we track performance to ensure that our feed formulations appropriately balance cost and feed performance to maximize producers’ profit.


Unique services

We provide vaccination services and in-barn support, have versatile grain bank and off-farm corn programs and can work with our grain marketing team to tailor a unique marketing solution for land-based livestock producers. 


Trusted Specialists

Our people have the capability and passion to provide our producers with what they need to succeed with transparency and a commitment to our customers’ success.




Nutrition Solutions for:


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We focus on results in the poultry barn with programs that balance cost and performance to drive the profit for the flock. With top-grade services, including full vaccination services, we guide producers to improve the health of their flocks and their bottom line.


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We develop programs to provide the nutritional values that maximize profitability at all growth stages. We tailor our animal nutrition to the specific conditions in the barn to boost animal health and performance.


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With access to Shur-Gain’s® proven technology, our team can provide innovative and customized solutions for beef, dairy and small ruminant producers through all stages of production.


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We are pleased to offer Shur-Gain® products for backyard poultry, equine, small ruminants and pets.


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