Accessibility Services


Accessibility at Hensall Co-op  

We strive to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all, and provide equal access to services, programs, and facilities to all employees, members, and visitors to the Hensall Co-op. The Hensall Co-op has created an Accessibility Plan that outlines our roadmap over the next 3 years toward the federal government's goal to be barrier-free by 2040.


Overall, our accessibility plan is essential to ensure legal compliance, foster inclusivity, demonstrate social responsibility and provide an honest evaluation of our present stance. By proactively addressing accessibility barriers, we are contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society, benefiting individuals with disabilities, and the broader community.


We encourage you to bring any concerns that you have identified through our online survey or via email to Jessica Boughen ( or Paul Schuster ( or by phone at 519-262-3511.


The Hensall Co-op encourages the participation of all employees, customers, and visitors with disabilities, as members of our community.