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Membership with Hensall Co-op is open to individuals, partnerships or farming corporations and can benefit from the knowledge, experience and services Hensall Co-op has to offer. We are ALL CANADIAN and one of Canada's leading agri-business companies with a membership of over 6,000 strong. We put our mark on the agri-business community 85 years ago and we continue to grow thanks to our members and their passion for the industry. 




For only $100 you can become a lifetime member. 





Our attractive rates offer a way to invest in our communities.





Earn patronage dividends back on eligible transactions.





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valued members.


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1. Become a Member ...

The process is easy. First, complete your application. Links to the application forms are provided on this page under the quick links. Submit your application along with your $100.00 non-refundable lifetime membership application fee which covers our administration costs. Every membership application is reviewed by our Board of Directors in the month following the application date. Once approved by the Board of Directors, you will receive a letter of welcome to Hensall Co-op.


We publish "What's Growing" - a Members' Newsletter up to three times a year. Back issues can be accessed here: 


2024   Issue 1


2. We grow your investments ...

As an investment Co-op, we offer our members the opportunity to invest in our Co-op through various programs. Attractive rates are just one reason to invest. By investing in Hensall Co-op, you are investing in agriculture in Canada and our rural communities.




Double your Money

Learn about the rule of 72:


Compound Interest

Learn about compound interest:


Investing Early

Learn how investing early pays off:



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3. Choosing us pays dividends ... 

We will earn your business by adding value to your farming operations.  You will also have the opportunity to earn patronage on most of your transactions with our Co-op.

Subject to earnings, the Board of Directors declares patronage dividends annually. The dividends are declared on members’ eligible businesses. These are generally reinvested in the Co-op in patronage loan accounts under the members’ names and are paid out over time. Interest accrues on the investment account balances. 



For 2023, Patronage declared on eligible transactions were:


  • $2.25 per metric ton of Animal Nutrition feed

  • $6.37 per acre of white beans ($0.18 per bushel)

  • $5.82 per acre of IP soybeans ($0.12 per bushel)

  • $4.66 per acre of crush beans ($0.09 per bushel)

  • $7.99 per acre of corn ($0.05 per bushel)

  • $5.81 per acre of wheat ($0.07 per bushel)

  • $1 for every $200 spent on energy products


Values of patronage used in this example are based on average commercial crop market prices, retail products and commercial services priced with Hensall Co-op throughout the 2023 fiscal year. 




How does the Patronage program work? 


When patronage dividends are declared, the payment is credited to their patronage account, not immediately paid out in cash. Before Hensall Co-op members can receive any cash payment for their patronage dividends, they must first make a mandatory member investment of $500 to the Co-operative. This $500 investment may be paid either in cash, or through the yearly automatic allocation.


The mandatory member investment account earns annual interest on December 1, historically being 5% plus a 3% cash bonus. The interest is paid out in cash if greater than $50, otherwise it is added to the balance of the account.


After the first $500 Mandatory Member Investment is satisfied, one half of the 10% Patronage Dividend repayment is transferred to the member's Mandatory Member Investment and the other half is paid in cash on each December 1st, permitted the repayment is greater than $250. If the repayment is less than $250, the full 10% is transferred to the Mandatory Member Investment.


Why didn’t I receive a Patronage repayment?


  • Before members can receive any cash payment for their patronage dividends, there must first be $500 in a mandatory member investment.
  • If the above requirement has been met, but the repayment amount would have been less than $500, the full amount is transferred to the Mandatory Member Investment

Please contact our Membership Services and Credit Manager Sylvie Atwell at 519-262-3511 ext 262 or with any questions or concerns.


How can I request repayment of all funds?


Upon death, the member's estate can request a repayment of this investment. Also, if the member sells their farm assets, or moves from the area, the member can request a repayment of the investment.


Please contact our Membership Services and Credit Manager Sylvie Atwell at 519-262-3511 ext 262 or with any questions or concerns.




Our member information initiative is called the SEED series. SEED is an acronym for Success, Enrichment and Economic Development. This series provides the information you need to succeed in your farming operations by strengthening your bottom line and growing your asset base.


SEED Presentations




To find out more about becoming a member or investing in Hensall Co-op as a Member-Owner, contact our Membership Services and Credit Manager Sylvie Atwell at 519-262-3511 ext 262, Toll Free: 1-800-265-5190 ext 262 or