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FieldTrace® is a secure web-based Crop Management System that is also designed to be an integral part of Hensall Co-op’s Quality Assurance System. Since today’s marketplace demands the utmost in food safety and traceability, it is critical to have an efficient method of recording the steps taken to ensure a safe and high-quality product is being provided. FieldTrace® is a program designed to make the job easier and more efficient. 


FieldTrace® allows Food Producers to link both contracted and commercial crops to their fields to record the good stewardship practices being used. Drop-down menus assist the user in entering details of fertilizer and crop protection products. In addition to the database functions, geo-referenced mapping capabilities are provided. Producers using the system will have the advantage of building historical data while fulfilling the requirements of the IP Food Grade Soybean and Dry Bean contract traceability. Information for non-contracted crops can be recorded so FieldTrace® can be used as your comprehensive crop record management system.


The FieldTrace® database is hosted in a secure cloud environment which is accessed through a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices.


FieldTrace® mobile version:

FieldTrace® is designed as a Progressive Web Application. This means that by visiting https://www.fieldtrace.ca/fieldtrace/login on a mobile device (iOS & Android Supported), users will have the option to install the application to their device. Integrated with the FieldTrace® cloud platform, it works in both online and offline environments so you can record details while in the field and sync to the server when you have a cell or wi-fi connection.


Software requirements for FieldTrace® desktop version:


FieldTrace® is designed to work on desktop and laptop computers via a web browser. The recommended and tested browser is Chrome.


Note: some older iOS devices may no longer be able to update to the operating system version required to run FieldTrace® Mobile.


If you need assistance with FieldTrace® contact your Field Marketer.


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For Growers who wish to provide their Field ID and Product Application Information using our traditional forms, you can find the links for your growing region here


FieldTrace® Demonstration and Tutorial Videos:


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