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Hensall Co-op's Energy Division offers a full range of liquefied energy products for farm, commercial, industrial and residential applications. 


We are one of the largest co-operative petroleum distribution operations in Southwestern Ontario. Our energy team is committed to offering a full range of quality petroleum products to meet your fuel and lube requirements. 

Our dedicated staff has over 240 combined years of experience in the Energy Industry and have been servicing your propane needs independently for over 20 years. 

Hensall Co-op Energy offers a wide range of services from piping barns to setting new installations. 


For our home heating customers (furnace oil and propane) Hensall Co-op offers an Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP). This spreads yearly heating costs over 12 months to minimize bill fluctuations.


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Energy Solutions:





Hensall Co-op offers a full range of petroleum products delivered to your business or home including gasoline (10% ethanol, no lead gasoline) and premium diesel fuel.


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Fuel Right


ProActive® is a registered trademark of Fuel Right (Canada) Limited.


Hensall’s ProActive® ultra-clean premium diesel fuel program is specifically engineered to meet the strict fuel quality standards of today’s high pressure common rail engines.  ProActive® ensures that your fuel is ultra clean. ProActive® cleans your fuel, fuel system, injectors and ensure that your equipment is performing to the level it was designed to. 





Why use the ProActive® ultra-clean diesel fuel program?

  • Clean Fuel System: exceeding the demand of high-pressure common rail engines
  • Enhanced Lubricity: protecting your injectors from premature wear
  • Improved Combustion: reducing emissions and optimizing fuel economy
  • Everyone Benefits: all of Hensall’s diesel fuel is ultra-clean premium diesel offered at an extremely competitive price.






Our propane delivery area goes from Sarnia to Port Elgin and from Collingwood to Cambridge.

Our dedicated staff is committed to safety with over 240 combined years of experience. 


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Through a partnership with Ag Energy Co-operative (AEC), Hensall Co-op members can purchase and order electricity directly with AEC. 


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Natural Gas


Through a partnership with Ag Energy Co-operative (AEC), Hensall Co-op members can purchase and order natural gas directly with AEC.


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Hensall Co-op is proud to offer a full line of exceptionally high-quality Shell lubricants, coolants and associated products.




Tank Monitors


Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone. 


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Service Division


Hensall Co-op offers full service to our propane tanks, fuel tanks, underground propane lines and box heaters in barns. Should you require service on your propane appliance please contact your local contractor. 


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Oil Burner Service


We work with and recommend independent contractors to service your oil appliance needs and diesel generator installs.





Contact us today for your energy needs:

Email:  dispatch@hdc.on.ca

Phone: 1.800.265.5190