Tank Monitoring - there's an app for that!


Monitor your tanks with the Nee-Vo App. 

Get accurate, real-time readings of all your tanks instantly on your smartphone. 


Contact us for further information.


The app will allow you to:

  • Accurately track the level of your tank in real-time from anywhere
  • What you see is what your driver sees, so you are both in sync to your requirements
  • Track your usage for the past 3 months in the blink of an eye
  • Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when your tank reaches configurable and pre-determined levels (you can set two configurable % levels- e.g. 25% Left)
  • You can also receive a notification when your driver has automatically filled your tank
  • With just one tap, contact us by phone or email for a delivery request
  • Monitor and manage multiple tanks from a single account
  • Share access to data with up to 4 different users (4 different users can see information regarding the same tank)
  • Tank capacity and customer usage above 3,000L annually will be taken into consideration
  • Charges may / will apply


Requirements must be met to qualify for a tank monitor. To determine if you qualify, complete and submit the form below, and we will contact you. You will receive a confirmation email when you provide your address.

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Provide the address where the tank(s) are located, or indicate 'same as above'.
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