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Hensall Co-op is proud to be the link between our growers and our end-user buyers of dry beans and food-grade soybeans. Contracting with growers across some of the most productive growing regions provides quality products to supply our processing facilities.


From there, our marketing and logistics staff connect the rest of the links in the chain. Along the way, a strong focus on quality assurance provides the level of food safety that informed consumers are looking for.


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Dry Beans


Growers interested in implementing higher levels of crop management achieve the best returns with dry beans. With several market classes available, we can supply buyers around the globe.


Food Grade Soybeans






Becoming a leader in food-grade production takes a lot of trust. Working us trusted partners has led to incredible growth in new and traditional markets. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx









The Best Growers

Without high-quality dry beans & IP soybeans, we couldn’t meet the specifications of the world’s most demanding markets. Our growers are world-class!



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Contract Delivery Resources

In order to make the delivery of your Dry Beans and Food Grade Soybeans go as smoothly as possible, we have all the resources on the Contract Delivery Resources page. Here you will be able to find information on the intake process at various delivery locations, including videos on where to go when delivering to Hensall. 


Learn more here. 

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Print your own Delivery Tags


Digital delivery tags are available on Hensall Co-op’s FieldTrace® website. You can find instructions such as your username and password for logging in at There you will also find links for the desktop site and iOS or Android mobile apps. Once you’re logged in, select the delivery tag icon to get the tags for your contracts.


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FieldTrace® allows you to link both contracted and commercial crops to your fields and is designed to be an integral part of Hensall Co-op’s quality assurance system that is available in desktop and mobile formats. 


Find out more about FieldTrace®

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Electronic Grain Tickets


Receive your ticket by e-mail when leaving the scales at any Hensall Co-op elevator location. This ticket doesn't replace your paper copy but is an additional option to better track deliveries. 


Details here.


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Crop Services

Hensall Co-op has the resources progressive growers are looking for to maximize their returns. From seed and crop input products to agronomic advice including variable rate prescriptions for field applications or high definition SoilOptix solutions, we’ve got you covered.


See what we have to offer on our Crop Services page.

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FCC Input Financing


Our growers can apply for FCC Input Financing to free up cash flow with simplicity and flexibility. You have 12 months to purchase fuel, fertilizer and crop protection, and up to 18 months to pay. More information is available here.