Delivery Tag Information


Your delivery tags which are used to identify your account and contract details during crop delivery, are available online and will no longer be sent by regular mail.


Find tags on your phone or computer:

Delivery tags can be generated on your phone or computer from the FieldTrace® site:

  • Find the option to access delivery tags on the Dashboard screen that appears when they first log in.
  • Click on the contract to select it from the dropdown list. That will populate the square on the screen with the delivery tag info.
  • Use the option to print the tags on the screen just below the box that contains the tag.
  • Instead of printing, save a screen capture of the delivery tag for texting to the drivers that will be making deliveries.

Logging in:

To log in to the delivery tag site use the same credentials that you use for the regular FieldTrace® site.

Your username is your Hensall Co-op account number unless you have changed it to something else.

You can use the password recovery option if needed.

If you have never logged in, use the Create Account option (or “Register” on the desktop version) to set up a FieldTrace® account.


Delivery tags are now reusable. You will need to display the tags when you deliver individual loads however, after the information has been collected by scanning the barcode, the same tag can be used for the next loads of the same product.  
Sharecrop situations: if you are delivering a load that is to be split between multiple growers, please bring along the delivery tags for all parties involved so that everyone can be credited for their portion of the load. It is important to have this done as the load is being received instead of after. 
Please review the documents that are relevant to your crops here, but don’t hesitate to contact Hensall Co-op staff if you have any questions. 
Just a reminder, please ensure all Quality Assurance Field ID and Product Application reports have been submitted as required. The Hensall Co-op FieldTrace® system is available to allow you to enter this information online. Please note that settlements for dry beans and premiums for food grade soybeans will not be issued until this traceability documentation has been completed. Although we encourage you to use the web based FieldTrace® system, documentation using the paper reports is still acceptable. The paper forms can be found online at the bottom of the Contract Deliver Resources page or you can have someone from any of our locations print off paper copies for you to fill in.