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Edible Dry Beans and Food Grade Non-GMO Soybeans


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With a strong reputation for quality and service, Hensall Co-op is a leading supplier of dry beans and food grade non-GMO soybeans. Our desire for continuous improvement has driven us to invest in new technologies allowing us to excel in both domestic and international supply programs.


As a consumer-focused agri-business, we go above and beyond to ensure our core values drive us to achieve excellence in the global marketplace. Backed by over 80 years of experience in agriculture and 50 years in food products, we work with growers to originate dry beans and food grade non-GMO soybeans in North America's premiere production regions.



Trusted Supply Chain Partner

Our teams work directly with many leading food companies in their respective marketplaces. Hensall Co-op's partners rely on us to provide innovative solutions to meet their needs and trust our high level of expertise in all areas of production, processing and marketing.


Global Reach

Hensall Co-op is one of the largest food grade originators in North America, shipping to domestic customers and exporting to over 40 countries globally.

We process and ship over 300,000 metric tonnes of dry beans and food grade non-GMO soybeans annually.


Farm to Fork

We employ over 25 field marketers who work closely with growers in Canada and the U.S.A. to produce high-quality products. Our food producers rank amongst the best in the world.




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Edible Dry Beans


Hensall Co-op's entry into the dry bean business started in 1967 when members voted to establish a grain and white bean elevator. Today we have expanded to a number of market classes of dry beans and specialty crops.




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Food Grade Non-GMO Soybeans


Hensall Co-op has a proven track record of supplying the highest quality non-GMO soybeans to importers and manufacturers around the world. We have established a reputation as a leader in the global soybean market by developing partnerships with leading soy food manufacturers.  





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Origination with Growers


We run origination programs in North America’s best production regions and, together with our food producers, we strive to deliver high-quality beans to our processing plants. Hensall Co-op's experienced Field Marketing team is involved in every step from crop planning to harvest.


We invite growers to visit our For Growers page



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Processing Facilities


Hensall Co-op operates world-class, state-of-the-art processing facilities with the highest level of technology available. Our automated facilities consist of cleaning, packing and palletizing systems.

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Quality Standards


We are committed to being an industry leader in providing our customers with high-quality beans which meet or exceed their specified requirements. Food safety and traceability are key to Hensall Co-op's quality systems. 


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Freight Forwarding & Logistics


We provide effective and efficient solutions to your logistics needs around the world with the support of our colleagues at Hensall Global.


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