Our History

Hensall Co-op has served our members and the entire Canadian agricultural community for over 85 years by earning the trust of producers and adding value to make their own business successful and more profitable. From its humble beginnings in 1937, we have grown to be one of the top-ten non-financial co-ops in Canada. At the core of our success is the understanding and belief that by providing value to our members, we grow together.

Here is a timeline of some of the milestones that have made Hensall Co-op what it is today.



South Huron Farmers' Co-op is founded 




The Co-op is reorganized and renamed Hensall District Co-op




We purchased a lot on Main Street in Hensall for $900




Hensall Co-op entered into a fuel contract with United Farmers Co-op




A new building was erected on Main Street in Hensall and we purchased seed cleaning equipment




We purchased a second fuel delivery truck




We built bulk fertilizer building and installed our first blender at the south edge of Hensall




We opened the Zurich Feed Mill at its present location




We made our initial entry into the grain and bean business through the purchase of the E.L. Mickle and Son grain and bean handling facilities; our revenues surpassed $1M




We bought five acres on the northern edge of Hensall for $1,500




A new office, store and warehouse was built on the Hensall property; we had 40 employees




We continued to expand storage at Hensall and had more than 12 silos; our first terragator was purchased




We purchased our first computer




Earl Wagner was named General Manager




We installed an underground fuel storage and delivery system; we launched the Sacket dry fertilizer blender in Hensall




We started propane delivery; computer drying controls were installed on the corn dryers; our merger with the Seaforth Co-op was approved




We built a 30,000 mt fertilizer/grain storage terminal with 4 domes




Our new Seaforth location was developed 1¼ miles east of Seaforth, including installation of new “state of the art” Waconia dry fertilizer blender




We acquired T.B. Allen Limited and Allboro Elevators Limited in Londesboro




We merged with Exeter District Co-op bringing on their facilities in Exeter and Ailsa Craig




We purchased the Forest, Ilderton and Parkhill Co-operatives from U.C.O




We opened our world-class bean processing facility in Hensall after an initial investment of $2.5M




We constructed a world-class coloured bean receiving, cleaning, drying and storage facility once again at a cost of $2.5M




Hensall Global Logistics, our full-service international freight forwarding company, was established at our Hensall location




With 230 full-time employees and 60 part-time employees, our sales and service revenue was $225M




We purchased the Exeter Distribution Warehouse giving us 300,000 square feet of warehouse on 150 acres and we acquired Hensall Co-op Kurtzville and Brussels




We purchased Hensall Co-op Mitchell with 2.8 million bushels of storage followed by the Mitchell Feed Mill two years later; our revenues surpass $500M




We began to operate Hensall Co-op Lakeside




We acquired the Clinton Feed Mill and Elevator from the Fleming family




Brad Chandler was named CEO; we acquired Hensall Co-op Aylmer; our reported revenues exceeded $700M and we had more than 500 employees




We acquired Hensall Co-op Aylmer Crops; we opened our commercial fleet maintenance centre in Exeter; we expanded to include farm services warehouses in Kurtzville, Mitchell and Rignold




We added bean processing in Manitoba with our Hensall Co-op Bloom and Miami additions; our Drayton fertilizer blending facility opened; Hensall Co-op Tilbury and Harrow were acquired; purchased Cook's Parrish & Heimbecker Hensall facility adjacent to our main location




In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic revenues surpsass $800 million for the first time




Acquired equity interest in Overseas Container Forwarding Inc. and Overseas Container Logistics Ltd. with offices in Vancouver and Seattle; launched Hensall Food Inc. with entry into the ready-made meals market; introduced the Bright Futures Scholarship program, awarding $2500 scholarships to people entering 1st year post-secondary education that will lead to a career in the wider agriculture industry




Reported revenues in excess of $1 billion; Hensall Foods secured contracts with 2 major retailers for ready-made meals




Launched Silverline seeds in partnership with Syngenta to further strengthen our IP program; acquisition of Gentec Inc., a dry bean seed and research enterprise located in Idaho, USA; acquisition of Minn-Dak Growers Ltd., a pioneer in processing and marketing specialty crops from the Upper Great Plains


Increasing Revenue Growth chart for Hensall Co-op

Revenue Growth of Hensall Co-op


Old Ailsa Craig Co-op builiding

Ailsa Craig


Hensall Co-op 1939 Share

1939 Share


Zurich 1948 Co-op building

1948 - Zurich


1965 Mobile Feed Mill

1965 Mobile Feed Mill


Londesborough Mill 1989 building

1989 Londesborough Mill