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We are a full-service commodity marketing team. As a farmer-owned co-operative, we are passionate about providing today’s producer with the opportunity to market their crops in a way best suited for their farming operation. Whether we buy delivered to one of our elevators or off-farm, spot or forward, our marketing programs are designed to maximize return for individual producers under the current market conditions.


We sell grains and ingredients delivered to end-users for feed production and Industrial use. We can coordinate logistics for delivery around the globe through our in-house service provider, Hensall Global. With access to large inventories of grains and by-products and a focus on quality, we will be a strong partner in the procurement process.


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Versatile crop marketing programs

Since we handle many types of commodities and have access to global markets for trade, we can tailor marketing programs to meet the goals of today’s crop producers.   


Efficient movement of crops

With locations spanning a wide geography in Southwestern Ontario and Manitoba and with relationships well beyond, we provide the opportunity to producers to efficiently market their crops and can also provide an effective logistics solution with our in-house service provider.


Trusted ingredient supplier

With access to high-quality grains and pulses, solid relationships with bi-products producers, a commitment to quality and service and an in-house logistics solution, we can strengthen the procurement value stream for feed and industrial users in Canada and around the world.




Solutions for:


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Commodity Marketing


As a member-owned co-operative, our committed and talented marketing professionals are passionate about finding opportunities for producers to maximize their returns in the current market conditions. 


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Custom Dry Storage


We have a large network of receiving and storage facilities available to augment our producers' grain marketing programs. 


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Soybean meal


Commodity and Ingredient Sales


Whether industrial or feed, we provide commodities and ingredients with attention to quality and consistent service. In addition to commodities, we have access to bi-products including but not limited to soybean meal, distiller grains, wheat shorts and screenings.



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Edible Beans and IP Soybean Contracting


We have solid relationships with food processors around the globe, enabling us to offer unique opportunities to producers across multiple market classes for premium contracts.


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We provide effective and efficient solutions to your logistics needs around the world with the support of our colleagues at Hensall Global.


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