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Hensall Foods, established in 2021, was founded with the goal of exploring and creating food products and ingredient market opportunities by delivering our farm members products closer to consumers. This is achieved through the utilization of value-added specialty crops sourced through contracts with Hensall Co-op, all of which are part of our fully traceable added-value supply chain. As a subsidiary of Hensall Co-op, Hensall Foods is actively engaged in various research and development initiatives on several food products and ingredients in collaboration with research and market leaders in the food industry. One of the initial products developed and introduced by Hensall Foods is the production of fresh, ready-to-eat chilled meals under our own brand, The Screaming Chef™, as well as for private label customers.


Hensall Foods is committed to advancing sustainability and traceability in the food industry, all while actively exploring and implementing innovative solutions. Our dedication to ongoing research and development ensures the continuous creation of new and exciting products within the food sector.

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Hensall Foods is committed to expanding opportunities and creating value for Canadian producers and agri-business by finding new and innovative products, manufacturing processes and value streams in food production. Supporting Canadian agriculture is at our core.


Support for rural communities:  


We are dedicated to supporting and investing in our rural communities, providing choice employment opportunities, and creating value for our members who live in surrounding areas.




We know reducing waste and embracing environmental initiatives cannot be ignored. We approach our decision-making by ensuring our decisions make the most of the earth’s resources for our future generations.



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Our first initiative from Hensall Foods is using an innovative in-pack steam cooking method. Hensall Foods provides a restaurant-style meal with a longer refrigerated shelf-life without artificial preservatives or additives. It screams when it is ready. 

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