In order to satisfy the food safety and traceability concerns of our end-user customers, Hensall Co-op requires all contracted producers to use delivery tags for identification and traceability of all food-grade crops delivered. Your delivery tags will be used to prove to outside auditors that you have been pre-approved as a supplier to Hensall Co-op.  Any producers delivering without a production contract will be required to complete additional paperwork at the scale to verify that proper precautions have been taken to ensure food safety and traceability.

Please review the documents in the links below. However, if you need help don't hesitate to call your Field Marketer for assistance.

To review delivery routes at our Hensall location, use the quick links to go to the Hensall Receiving Video page and the Hensall Receiving Map page.

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Delivery GuidelinesHensall Commodity Delivery Guidelines

Hensall Receiving Map & Videos

Kurtzville, Drayton & Brussels


Harvest GuidelinesFood Grade Soybeans

Non GMO Food Grade Soybeans




X790 Food Grade Soybeans

Identity Preserved Wheat

ON Preharvest Options

W Canada Preharvest Options with PHI

USA Preharvest Options

Additional Information
Delivery Tags Info
Electronic Grain Tickets
Good Harvest & Storage Practices - Growers
Food Safety Notice
OABA Treated Seed Checklist

Crop Reports
Field Identification Report - OntarioField Identification Report - Manitoba
Product Application Record - OntarioProduct Application Record - Manitoba

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