June 6 Topic: Interest Rates, Onion Skins & Peach Fuzz, X9 Combine, and Wheat Market Update  
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March 21 Topic: Weather Patterns, Global Economy Update, and Land Values  
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January 18 Topic: Planning for the Future  
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November 23 Topic: Economy & Grain Market Update
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September 21 Topic: Life at Hensall Co-op
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June 15

Topic: Total Energy Package

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March 16 Topic: Changing Values
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January 19         Topic: Navigating Inflation & the Economy                           
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November 17     Topic: Money Matters
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August 18 Topics: Why are agricultural prices so volatile | Dry Bean Condition Report
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March 17

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  Farm Transition Checklist
February 17 Seminar Video
January 20 Seminar Video                                                                            



November 18   

  Year End Taxation & Bill C-208
    Input Financing
    Commercial Grain Marketing

April 15

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  Ag Energy Co-operative  Part 1    Part 2


  Hensall Co-op Investment Opportunities


  Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act


  Commercial Grain Marketing Overview

     This presentation provides market information as of April 15th, 2021

     We invite producers to contact your nearest Hensall Co-op Marketing Department for current market updates.

March 11   SW Ontario Land Values Presentation
    Insight into Investments
    G Galloway - Bio



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