Membership Application - Business


If you have any questions please call 1.800.265.5190, option 2.


Direct Deposit: Forward copy of a void cheque or a completed direct deposit form from your banking institution via fax 519-262-2317, mail to Hensall Co-op or deliver to a Hensall Co-op location, Attention: Membership.


Disclaimer: By completing this application you authorize and consent that Hensall District Co-Operative, Incorporated can release your information when required by the Co-Operative Corporations Act (section 120). 


If you prefer - we have a pdf form that can be completed and returned to us:


Business Membership Application

Designated voting representative
Designated Voting Representative's date of birth is required.
The name of the second principle within the company.

The phone number we can reach you during business hours.
Business Number

The membership fee is a one-time fee.

By selecting "Agree" and submitting this form, you:
are signing this application electronically
agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature, and
agree to the terms and conditions stated.