The Strong Communities Initiative was launched in 2021 to support projects that boost the resilience of rural communities. Projects were open to registered charities and were judged by Hensall Co-op on specific criteria that measured the impact on the local community and the sustainability of the project.


Speaking about the initiative, Brad Chandler, CEO of Hensall Co-op, stated “We are passionate about protecting our local communities which is why we direct the bulk of our sponsorship investment to supporting rural healthcare and healthy living initiatives, agricultural societies and the education of rural youth. The Strong Communities Initiative grew out of our commitment to the communities we serve. We were extremely pleased with the quality of the submissions we received
although it made selecting a winner very difficult for our team.”


Two projects were selected as winners in the inaugural year of the initiative. The winners will receive $10,000 towards their projects. Both projects support wellness and family activities. The selections committee considered this to be vitally important as we rebound from the COVID restrictions. Applications for the 2022 Strong Communities Initiative will be available in April 2022.


The Miami Parks Board in Miami, Manitoba will receive $10,000 to build a pavilion in their camping park. The Optimist Club of Moorefield in Moorefield, Ontario will
receive $10,000 towards their project to build a roof over their outdoor rink and recreation pad.


Read the full article on page 26 here




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HENSALL Hensall Co-op Chief Executive Officer Brad Chandler appeared before the International Trade Committee on Monday February 22nd to provide our perspective on Bill C18, “An Act to implement the Agreement on Trade Continuity between Canada and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.


The UK and Northern Ireland are critical markets for Hensall Co-op and Brad outlined the importance of free trade with them. The plant protein market is forecast to grow by a factor of 18 times by 2030 and it is critical that we are not faced with tariffs or quotas as this would substantially reduce growth opportunities for Canadian farmers. 


We are grateful to Huron-Bruce Member of Parliament Ben Lobb who is on the committee. Mr. Lobb asked several questions to reinforce the key issues. This was extremely important given some members of the committee are not very familiar with agriculture.


We are pleased to have been given the opportunity to stand for Canadian farmers at the House of Commons and we will continue to do so whenever and wherever we can. 



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We are pleased to announce our Bloom processing facility has been certified under the SQF Level 3 program requirements.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a rigorous and credible food safety and quality program recognized by Global Foods Safety Initiative (GFSI) and by our customers world-wide. The SQF food safety and quality codes are designed to meet industry, customer, and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain – from the farm all the way to the retail stores.


“The team in Bloom worked very hard to implement the program in in a very compressed timeframe” said Amir Naveed, Corporate QA & Product Development Manager “Our excellent rating is a result of their diligence and their recognition of the importance of maintaining high standards for food safety.”


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Hensall Co-op celebrated the opening of its new fertilizer blending facility at its Open House and Plot Tour held on July 10th. Attendees were given the opportunity to tour the new state of the art fertilizer blender that can blend up to 750 MT in an hour.  Dekalb, C&M, NK and Croplan provided informative sessions overlooking the plots that are finally coming along following our incredibly wet spring. 


This was followed by the official ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by all four levels of government to illustrate a strong commitment to agriculture in Ontario. Gregg Davidson (Mayor of Mapleton Township), Randy Pettapiece (MPP Perth Wellington), John Nater (MP Perth Wellington) and Senator Rob Black all gave greetings to the audience. 


Brad Chandler, CEO of Hensall Co-op, spoke to the crowd about the key role that the co-operative plays in growing agriculture in Ontario. He stated, “Politics aside, Canadian foodstuffs are sought after because consumers around the world are confident in their quality. The market for plant-based proteins is expanding and the consumption of meat in developing countries continues to grow. We want to see the Canadian Farmer gain from this opportunity and that is why we are focused on growth. This investment was made in our Eastern frontier. We recently entered the market in Tilbury and Harrow to the south. To the west, we have added a processing facility in Manitoba to improve our value stream to get to the Asian Market.” 


Mr. Chandler also congratulated the team on completing the facility on time in tough circumstances. “We believe this is a fantastic facility with innovative equipment and the best employees. The fact it was completed in time despite the challenge of a winter build following a wet spring is a testament to what we can offer to add value to your farms. It's not just the tower – we have new concrete in the warehouse, new liquid fertilizer capability and an office. Thank you to Neil Driscoll and the entire the Drayton team for your dedication throughout Plant19 – it's one we will all remember.”

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