Hensall Co-op Membership Application

This is the place if you wish to become one of our growing number of Hensall Co-op member-owners. 

If you are already a member and just need to update your information, the form is available here.


Our membership management team will contact you within 2 business days of your submission to get further confidential information. Membership applications are reviewed at the end of each month by the Board of Directors. Acceptance of your application will be e-mailed to you after approval by the Directors.


In order to have charge privileges, either a consumer credit application or commercial credit application must be completed and approved as per our credit policyOur payment options provide several options to keep your account in good standing. 


You authorize and consent to Hensall Co-op to release your information as required to a third party.

Please complete the form online by clicking on the link below. You can print it after it is completed.

Fields marked with * are required.


Individual Membership Application Business Membership Application