Hensall Co-op Energy

FieldTrace® Mobile App Features

FieldTrace Mobile provides Hensall Co-op and its clients with all the tools they need when they are on the go.  

Integrated with the FieldTrace Cloud platform, it works in both online and offline environments and is available for iOS and Android.

Product Applications

  • Record Crop Protection Products
  • Over 1200 Products in Lists
  • Organized by Product Types

Manure Applications

  • Calculate N, P, K Credits
  • Use Lab Analysis or Select by Livestock
  • Adjusted N based on Timing/Incorporation


Detailed Records for:

  • Diseases
  • Insects
  • Weeds
  • Nutrients
  • Damages
  • Moisture

Fertilizer Application

  • Calculate Applied N, P, K Rates
  • Select Common Products or Use Custom Blend
  • Supports Liquid and Dry Forms

Storage Bins

  • Crop Input & Storage Bin Locations
  • Record Access Restrictions


  • Record Seed Variety
  • Planting Details
  • Field Notes


  • Schedule Activity Tasks
  • Assign Coordinators
  • Track Status


  • Record Delivery Tickets

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